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How to Justify Your Prices to Customers

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Businesses compete to make money and grow their customers.

To survive and increase profits, these businesses may need to reduce prices or match their rivals' deals. However, this approach can be counterproductive if it leads to sacrificing profit margins. A good business plan and pricing strategy can help business owners confidently justify their prices.

Understanding Your Business Operations and Pricing Strategy

To defend your prices well, you must understand your business operations, like production, marketing, cash flow, and overhead costs. Knowing your profit goal, costs, and market rate helps you justify your prices and be more confident in your pricing decisions. This knowledge also helps in identifying your target market and tailoring your offerings to meet their needs.

Engaging with Your Target Audience: Building Confidence in Your Product

Engaging in meaningful conversations with your customers, especially your target audience, is crucial. When you highlight the primary advantages of your product or service, you help them see beyond the price tag.
Emphasize aspects such as superior quality, enhanced productivity, and comprehensive guarantees and warranties. These factors contribute significantly to the overall value of a product, helping customers understand its worth better.
Many customers value price and choose the cheapest options available. However, it's important to emphasize that the value of a product extends far beyond its price tag.

Leveraging Social Media and Market Research

Utilize social media platforms and conduct market research to connect with potential customers and understand their needs and preferences. This method helps attract customers and improve your business model and pricing strategy.

Negotiation Tactics: Staying Cool and Professional

During negotiations, it’s vital to remain calm, professional, and friendly, even if the customer is becoming emotional. Customers who focus solely on getting the lowest price may not be the best fit for your business. By standing firm on your prices and highlighting the long-term value of your product or service, you reassure customers that they are making the right choice.

Addressing Industry-Specific Vulnerabilities

Many customers experience frustration when tradespeople, like plumbers or electricians, fail to arrive as scheduled. Some people may feel stressed by pushy car salespeople or confused by complex contract terms.
By pinpointing these industry-specific issues, you can incorporate solutions into your business strategy, ultimately justifying your pricing and setting your services apart. For example:
  • We guarantee to arrive on time, or we will provide a free service or discount.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty (or a warranty for a specified period).
  • We ensure to leave the job site cleaner than we found it.
  • We will make it clear that all documents are in plain English and we will carefully explain them. This helps both you and your customer to avoid any unexpected surprises with the final price or terms. Additionally, it provides transparency that clients appreciate.

Shifting the Focus from Price to Value

A common trend for customers is to inspect products in-store before purchasing them online at a lower price. To counteract this, focus on addressing the common concerns associated with online shopping. Customers worry about the product's condition, delivery time, instructions, and process for replacements or repairs if it's faulty. By alleviating these anxieties, you can encourage customers to make their purchase directly from you.

Navigating Pricing Strategies for Businesses: A Community-Centric Approach

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Our goal is to help you succeed by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need, like with our complimentary, ready-to-use templates and checklists to move your business forward. 
To start improving your pricing strategy and taking your business to new levels, connect with a Relationship Banking Officer today. Let's work together to make great things happen for your business by maximizing the potential of your offerings.