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Digital Banking Enrollment

Enjoy the convenience of digital banking. Enroll now.

Our Online and Mobile Banking solutions are perfect for both individuals and smaller businesses.

First Bank clients love the ease and functionality of our Digital Banking solutions, allowing them to:

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • View account balances, recent transactions, and check images
  • Pay bills using one-time payments and automated, repeat payments
  • View and print statements and tax documents
  • Chat with us quickly and securely online and in the app during bank hours
  • Reset your own password in case you forget it
  • Reorder checks when you need them
  • Deposit checks anywhere, anytime with our mobile app
  • And so much more
You'll need to enroll here first to enjoy the My First Bank Mobile App.

Must be an established First Bank client to enroll.


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All requests will be verified by Bank personnel prior to processing request. By submitting this application to First Bank: (1) I/We will be bound by the terms and conditions of First Bank's (hereinafter Bank) Depository Agreement which may be amended at the Bank's discretion. (2) I understand that the password can be used to withdraw funds from the account(s) and that I must safeguard this code. I understand that I remain responsible for all activity on my account. All terms and conditions that were disclosed to me when I opened my account continue to apply. I also agree to hold the Bank harmless from any and all costs, suits, expenses, liabilities, damages, and attorney's fees arising from or related to the Bank acting in good faith in accordance with instructions of information that was sent electronically by the customer or the customer's authorized persons. (3) I authorize the Bank to disclose information about my account(s) to third parties in order to complete transactions using Online Banking. I also authorize my Payees to disclose to the Bank and its agents information regarding my account(s) with such Payee(s) in order to complete transactions using Online Banking, including to resolve questions regarding such transactions. (4)I agree that the Bank will not be liable to me if any unauthorized person intercepts electronic communications between myself and the Bank. (5) I must promptly report in writing any errors in connection with any Online Banking and / or Bill Pay service and any discrepancy between my records of orders and requests and the notice I receive from the Bank regarding the Bank's execution of my orders and requests. (6) I understand that the Bank will use the above e-mail address to periodically inform me of important bank information. (7) I agree that neither I nor the Bank shall be responsible for any loss or delay caused by any failure or interruption of any electronic communication system between myself and the Bank which are unavoidable or beyond either party's reasonable control. (8) I agree to pay the Bank the fees for placing stop payments and fees associated with the Bill Pay service if applicable. The Bank reserves the right to change fees and charges with advance customer notification. I understand that with the exception of placing stop payments and Bill Pay, all services accessed through Online Banking are provided free of charge. (9) If I fail to use my Online Banking services for 180 days, my account will become dormant. Re-activation of my account will require the completion of a new Online Banking application form. (10) All clients that request a secure token for their Online Banking account is responsible for keeping it secure and if it is lost the client must report this to First Bank immediately for the token to be deactivated. A replacement fee of 15.00 will be assessed if it is replaced. (11) There is an annual fee of $25.00 per year for each token assigned to a Online Banking account.