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Fee Schedule

As of March 21, 2024

The following fees may apply and are subject to change.



ACH Block Service - per month, per entity $20.00
ACH Filter Service - per month, per entity $20.00
Bill Pay fee after 60 days of inactivity - per month $5.95
Bookkeeping research services - per hour $30.00
Bounce Protection overdraft item(s) fee $32.75
Business Payroll - per month $15.00
Business Remote Check Deposit - per month $35.00
Business Sweep - per month $25.00
Cash Management - per month, per entity $30.00
Cash Management secure token annual fee - per token $25.00
Cash Management secure token replacement $15.00
Cash Management wire fee - outgoing domestic $30.00
Cashier's Check - per check $6.00
Chargeback - per item $5.00
Christmas Club check fee $5.00
Collection item $10.00
Debit Card replacement fee $5.00
Dormant account - checking account - per month $5.00
Dormant account - savings account - per quarter (excludes Student Savings and Christmas Club) $5.00
Early account closure (within 90 days of opening) $15.00
Expedited Online Bill Pay payment - next day $19.95
Expedited Online Bill Pay payment - second day $14.95
Expedited Online Bill Pay payment - second day, electronic delivery $4.95
Fraud Fighter Bundle - per month, per entity* $30.00
Health Savings Account - per year $25.00
Indemnity bond - per lost document $5.00
Levies, summons, garnishments and subpoena processing fee - per hour (one hour minimum) $30.00
Line of Credit Sweep - per month $25.00
Money Market excess transaction fee - per item over 6 per month $0.50
Money service business - per month $100.00
My First Bank Business Deposit app - per month $25.00
Online Bill Pay for business accounts after 20 paid items - per month, per item $0.40
Photocopy fee - per page $0.25
Positive Pay - per month, per entity $15.00
RemitPlus ExpressTM - per month $175.00
RemitPlus ExpressTM per scan station - per month $50.00
Returned item for NSF fee - per item, per presentment $32.75
Same-day ACH file fee - per transmitted item credit or debit $12.00
Savings excess transaction - per item over 9 per quarter $0.50
Stop payment fee - per item $25.00
Sweep transfer fee $7.50
Two signatures required at posting - per month $10.00
Wire fee - incoming domestic $10.00
Wire fee - incoming international $32.75
Wire fee - outgoing domestic $30.00
Wire fee - outgoing international $70.00
Withdrawal at non-Money Pass ATM $1.00
Check printing fees vary by the style of check ordered. An overdraft fee of $32.75 will be charged per item for covering overdrafts created by check or draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means.

*Fraud Fighter Bundle includes Positive Pay, and either ACH Block or ACH Filter.

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We may report information about your account to credit bureaus. Overdrafts, charge-offs, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report. Your credit report provides a glimpse of how financially responsible you are. Maintaining a clean credit report is vital to your financial well being. Negative information in your credit report will lower your credit score. Your credit score can be reviewed by lenders, insurers, landlords, and even potential employers. With a low credit score you will be more likely to be denied for credit, be offered lower limits, pay higher rates on credits.
This notice has been provided to you as required by section 217 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003. There will be a fee charged for dormant checking or savings accounts. A notice will be sent out prior to the charges being assessed. No monthly or quarterly statements are sent out on any dormant account. Checking and savings accounts are considered dormant after 365 days of inactivity.