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Business Analysis Checking

For businesses with high volume using Cash Management

Business Analysis Checking is a cutting-edge solution for businesses.

This account is designed for businesses that require detailed tracking and analysis of their banking activities. With our Business Analysis Checking account, you gain a powerful tool for financial analysis and strategic planning.

Made for businesses with high transaction volume and using our Cash Management Online Suite, Business Analysis Checking offers earnings credits to offset fees. Account activity is automatically monitored for item volume, average balance, other services used and investable balance, to calculate an earnings credit that may offset service charges.

Business Analysis Checking is ideal for businesses with complex banking needs, offering detailed monthly analysis statements that provide insights into account activity, fee structures, and service utilization. It's designed to help you make informed decisions, optimize your cash flow, and identify opportunities for cost savings. Our Business Analysis Checking account is more than just a checking account, it's a financial management ally, equipped with the tools necessary for strategic business growth.
Amount to open
$100 or more

Monthly account fee1
Monthly items
$0.13 per debit or check and $.06 per deposited item
Online Bill Pay
20 free payments per month, then $0.40 per payment thereafter
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Autobooks to manage customer payments

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Fraud Mitigation

Over 80% of businesses have been targeted by payment fraud.

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1Checking and savings accounts, excluding Student Savings and Christmas Clubs, are considered dormant after 365 days of inactivity, regardless of balance. Dormant checking accounts will be assessed a $5 monthly fee, and dormant savings accounts will be assessed a $5 quarterly fee.