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Treasury management solutions for better money management

Reduce idle cash and maintain liquidity with these solutions.

You've got a business to run. Let these innovative management tools go to work for you to save you time and money.
Business sweeps
Move money between multiple First Bank accounts in a way that’s
customized for your business and day-to-day cash management.1
Line of credit sweep
Choose from several sweep set ups, like automatic transfers
from a line of credit to maintain a checking balance or transfers
to pay down a First Bank line of credit.1
Domestic wires
Initiate wire transfers to anywhere in the US and set controls to
limit the amount and accounts for each user, plus require additional users to approve wires above certain dollar thresholds.2,3,4
International wires
Send money quickly and securely across the globe when timing
matters the most.4

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Tools to keep your business moving

To keep your business successful, you must constantly adapt, capture opportunities, remain competitive and grow.
Knowing how to unlock cash flow is sometimes the key to making all those things happen.

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1$25/mo. 2Cash Management Online Suite required. $30/mo. 3Secure token required. $25 per token, per year. 4Wire fees apply.