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Overdraft Services

Know we've got your back when accidents happen.

Your checking account is overdrawn when there is not enough money to cover a payment, purchase or check you write. First Bank offers standard overdraft and two optional overdraft services.

Standard Overdraft Services

Standard overdraft services are automatically included with our checking accounts.

  • Overdraft items are paid at our discretion based on your account history, deposits you make and transaction amount.
  • Checks, other transactions using your checking account number, automatic bill payments, ACH transactions and recurring debit card transactions are covered.
  • If you authorized First Bank to pay overdrafts on ATM and everyday debit card transactions, those transaction are also covered.
  • $32.75 overdraft item fee per overdraft item per occurrence.
  • An Overdraft item fee will not be charged if your current ledger balance (the amount after transaction posts) is equal or less than $10.

Optional Overdraft Services

Bounce Protection - This is an overdraft courtesy that gives you an extra level of protection against unexpected expenses, account reconciliation mistakes and other financial emergencies when you need it.

  • Available on First Bank personal checking accounts
  • First Bank clients must meet the program’s requirements to participate
  • A signed Bounce Protection Agreement is required
  • Covers overdrafts up to $300 with a per item fee
  • $32.75 Bounce Protection Overdraft Item fee per overdraft per item per occurrence
  • Account must be brought to a positive balance within 10 days1
  • A Bounce Protection overdraft item fee will not be charged if your current ledger balance (the amount after transaction posts) is equal or less than $10.

Sweep Transfers - You can designate another First Bank checking, savings or loan account to automatically cover any checking balance shortfalls.

  • A signed Sweep Transfer Agreement is required2
  • Automatic transfers in any increments you choose
  • $7.50 Sweep Transfer fee per occurrence
  • Partial sweeps performed if there are insufficient funds in the checking, savings or loan account to cover the entire sweep transfer3
  • No Sweep Transfer fee for partial sweeps
  • No repayment necessary

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