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Secure your future with high-yield certificates of deposit

Save worry-free, plus enjoy competitive rates and flexible terms with a First Bank CD.

First Banks' Certificate of Deposits (CDs) are an ideal saving instrument for those looking for a low-risk, high-yield investment option. Our CDs offer competitive interest rates higher than regular savings accounts, providing a safe and guaranteed return on your investment. Whether you're planning for retirement, saving for a major purchase, or just setting aside funds for the future, our CDs are a smart financial choice.

With flexible term options, our CDs are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is secure and growing steadily. Plus, with the assurance of FDIC insurance, your investment is safe up to the maximum amount allowed by law.
Amount to open
$500 or more
91-day to 60-month options with 14-day maturity notice
Monthly account fee1
Subject to early withdrawal penalty

Invest in a First Bank CD and watch your savings grow with confidence.

Achieve your financial objectives with stability and excellent returns.

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1The early withdrawal penalty is 90 days interest on certificates of one year or less and 180 days interest penalty on certificates with a maturity over one year. Fees may reduce earnings.