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Student Savings

Empower your future with a special savings account

A smart and ideal starting point for young individuals.

This account is designed specifically for students, offering a safe and easy to understand platform where they can learn the fundamentals of saving and managing money. Whether saving for college, a car, or just developing good financial habits, our Student Savings account is the perfect tool to begin building a solid financial foundation.

Understanding the unique needs of student life, this account offers flexible features with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly maintenance fees. It’s accessible and easy to use, with Digital Banking capabilities that allow students to manage their savings on the go. Plus, by earning interest, students get a firsthand experience of how their money can grow over time.
Minimum to open
$50 or more
Monthly service charge1
On balances $1 and greater. Ask for details and current rates.
Allowable number of transactions
6 per month, then $.50 for each transaction over 9 per quarter

It's never too early to start learning about and practicing sound financial management.

Open your Student Savings account with First Bank today and take the first step towards a financially savvy tomorrow.

Grandfather and grandchildren saving money
Digital Banking

Set savings goals and track progress with Money Manager

Tap into this complimentary tool embedded in your First Bank Mobile and Online Banking.

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1Checking and savings accounts, excluding Student Savings and Christmas Clubs, are considered dormant after 365 days of inactivity, regardless of balance. Dormant checking accounts will be assessed a $5 monthly fee, and dormant savings accounts will be assessed a $5 quarterly fee.
Students under age 18 require a parent or guardian account joint owner.