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Regular Business Savings

A great place to park idle cash for easy access when your business needs it

Regular Business Savings is an ideal account for businesses in Illinois and Indiana looking to secure and grow their funds.

Your business faces many unique financial challenges, and that's why we have crafted an account that combines security, accessibility, and growth potential. Our Regular Business Savings account is designed to provide a safe haven for your business's hard-earned money, while also offering competitive interest rates to help your savings grow steadily over time.

The account is tailored for businesses of all sizes, offering the flexibility to access funds when needed while still earning interest. With low minimum balance requirements and user-friendly, innovative Digital Banking tools, managing your business savings has never been easier. Whether you are setting aside funds for future investments or building a financial cushion, our Regular Business Savings account is here to support your business's financial health and growth.
Amount to open
$100 or more
Monthly account fee1
No monthly fee with $100 minimum balance2
3 free withdrawals per month, then $0.50 per withdrawal thereafter

Regular Business Savings includes

Business team discussing strategies

Business Banking

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Tap into our complimentary tools and templates to help navigate this challenging and exciting business stage.

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Take the first step towards a stronger financial future for your business.

Connect with our team to discover how our Regular Business Savings account can help your business thrive in Illinois and Indiana.


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1Checking and savings accounts, excluding Student Savings and Christmas Clubs, are considered dormant after 365 days of inactivity, regardless of balance. Dormant checking accounts will be assessed a $5 monthly fee, and dormant savings accounts will be assessed a $5 quarterly fee. 2Minimum balance of $1 must be maintained in the account each day to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. If the balance of this account falls below $100 in a quarter, a $3 fee will be assessed. For clients with combined statements (savings account statement is combined with checking account), a $1 fee is assessed if the balance falls below $100 during the month. Fees may reduce earnings.